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[社会] 春运最高峰 北京站\"刷脸\"进站(双语)

The holiday rush for the Beijing Railway Administration has arrived.
A massive amount of people will be hitting the railway system in the next three days, as people make their way home after the work-week to begin the Spring Festival holiday.

To try to ease the pressure on rail staff, the Beijing Railway Station has begun a trial program, allowing passengers to enter the station by scanning their face and holding their second generation identity card and tickets at the same time.
Passengers who want to use the self-service system need to take off masks, glasses, hats or anything else covering their face. This system, comparing passenger's face with the picture on the identity card, is said to have a high rate of accuracy.

A similar system is also being used by a branch of China Merchants Bank in the city of Guangzhou to make withdrawals from the ATM's.
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